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Comedies and Taboos

Stevie J & Joceline pure comedy

I know I’m a little late but I stumbled into this video about Stevie J &Joceline.  Ohhhh my gawd, 2/3 of the Love and Hip hop triangle had an interview with the infamous Peter Rosenberg, Ciphus Sounds, and K. Foxx. I’m sure you know Mr. Rosenberg who has been rumored to tick off a famous pop artist because of a starship comment.

I am so entertained by their lascivious behavior because it makes my life and it’s mess look like a walk in the park. I check the interviews to see when Jocelyn got a reality check or exactly when will this whole charade crumble. Joceline is saying in very few words I’m sticking to you cause your going to get me where I need to go and Stevie is saying I know you need me so I have the upper hand.

I watch in disbelief because I know feelings get involved someone’s ego will fill to capacity and from the looks of it they are very fragile individuals. Money is obviously the motive and living the fantasy of no holds bars thrilling, full of power life is the motive.  I get it like who the f on earth wants to be poor. That word is so demonized, ask Mitt Romney. (fanning myself and take deep breaths) I’m not going to go into my political rant. Well, this can go in many directions.  I digress (rewinding the mainframe and collecting myself) getting back to the lecture at hand.

I checked on Mimi Faust twitter events the Lil mama seems to be doing well and looking good while at it.  I ‘m sure this whole situation hurts and she seems to be very smart but the situations brings down her own character because the world sees her strength and thinks she’s better than this.  I didn’t realize the baby was so young and it explains her hesitation to leave such a toxic and volatile situation.  I predict one day Mimi will look at that baby after she let 10 Mr. Integrity pass her by and say I don’t have to live like this.  And when she see that what ever trouble Mr. Integrity or Mr. Righteous Character could bring her he’d be able to love her baby as if it were his own.  And yes there is such a character I have learned some people were raised with morals.

Ol’ gurl Jocelyn and Stevie J was the subject.  Secretly, I do not want them to work out because I’m a realist and there whole put on defies logic.  But at the same time I see them as two broken birds trying to reach that goal and banking on this movie they’re creating and we’re eating it all up.  I’ll leave it on this note they need each other right now. Neither one of them want to get hurt but broken birds still remembers how to fly.


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