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Comedies and Taboos

Depressed: Needing something funny

So I’m depressed and in serious need of funny. Yeah it’s an idiot boyfriend issue. and I come upon a few options

Comedy Cirque Ke-Ajoobe. Riddle with a few english words. And a bunch of hunks and hotties. although I couldn’t understand I was pleasantly entertained and world smirk and smile here and there. Reading the body language is equally as entertaining.. view it here

Donald Glover-Weirdo. Fits me to a T. His fresh take on issues and insight on the evolved thinking and point of view of this generation in reguards to past subject like race is intrigueing. It reminds me of Eddie Murphy his raw days and Chris Rock. Oh and by the way, Spiderman is okay but I’m gonna need Donald Glover to do a remake of “The Last Dragon” as Bruce Lee Roy. Excuse the spelling blinded by all the muskels.

The finally, is Dylon Moran as someone who moved from the city to the country.  And keeping up with proper etiquette of the country folks.  Oh and I love how they pan to the people who are offended and don’t find it funny.  But there also something funny about a Londoner who sounds like there drunk makes it ok the way he’s poking fun at the American look.. view it here He reminds me of Arther he would’ve done better than that other comedian. And so true in his view on children.

Now I feel a bit better and the tinge of pain returns. And it’s to late for shopping and the economy sucks any way and I’m going to the kitchen after this to eat a fruit, a yogurt, a bag of chip and some ribs.


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