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Words of Wisdom

An open letter to S.P.A.D.E.S

Dear S.P.A.D.E.S,

This is nice enough to keep me interested and wanting to hear more songs and how you’ve evolved as an artist.  My soul recognizes something in S.P.A.D.ES that you guys aren’t saying in your music.  I was going to write a blog about your music, but I wanted to comment first and give some Words of Wisdom because I don’t feel I’m getting all of you.  I see “the eye” in this guy rockiefresh, I could see there’s shit rumbling in him I see the drive and funny in this guy GeO.D and as for teone lyrically 3:10 in “illuminated” the best I heard him. It’s deep but can get deeper I feel like I have to stab him the foot to get it out.  Get him drunk and throw him in the studio.  I also need for you two to do something so I can distinguish the too of you.   It takes away from the 4th dimension effect. I was listening and watching youtube videos of S.P.A.D.E.S. and what is also lacking is relatability.  I suggest is an introduction (by music) to an audiences (take me in your home and your diaries tell me why you should inspire me or ask you to marry me)  I would like to hear something that I can connect to.   Show some natural elements in your videos. How you live, I need to know your struggles. I’m ready to hate because at the moment I can’t trust you.  I can tell some sounds are “get high” music but the flow “isn’t get high”.  I need variety in word play and sound.  I see your heart and drive.  I like a few but I’m hoping for the dimension I need deeper than the superficial. Take me through space in time.  although I’m not a fan of LilWayne’s character he has the ability to do this.  if he ever dies I’ll be on him like Tupac.  Even Waka Flocka does in his non lyrical way does this.  Make me a fan.  When I say this I mean the message has been heard before.  Breakups and haters have been said before but how can you creatively tell it in a different way.

Word is you have new videos coming out.  And “euphonious” is dropping November 29th.  I have am hoping for a tsick flow.   I needed the flow to change-up sometimes it’s getting redundant I needed a sound of dimension from S.P.A.D.E.S.  I need it to take me through a time without realizing it.  I need the fire inside to explode.  This sound and this sound lyrically has been the best, it sounds right when your amped.  Now as for beats it’s been on point.  But please Ge O.D (CLEVER) explain why you use nigga in your rap you look white but I get your spanish. Not saying you get a pass for the word but I understand spanish street culture.   I notice spanish people call each other the n-word in the hood.  If you could rap and give a clip on how this happen it would help because I wince to think of how that may affect numbers. It’s art but it must transcend the surface.  If your going to go deep… lets get deep.  Hit the spot and the walls.  If you’re going to use that word at least open up the minds who say “wtf did he say” to why you say.. mindfuck me so I can understand.

I need to see your rumbling.  If your comedic I you suggest play it up in your lyrics cause the struggle is real in the streets.  I loved the interview I only which I could see that in the music.  For instance Nickiminaj (by the way you shocked me when you said that in 0:47 please shock me again on a regular) is a basket case but it’s cool her core are happy basketcases, it shows and translates in the music. Real recognize real… or real angry…  or crazy… or real funny… or real addicts.    Drop Jewels for us.  Over all the energy is there just not explosive yet.  I know it’s there.


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