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Into the deep

It’s almost tomorrow and I have class early in the morning.  I just downloaded a music maker into my laptop.  After my “o.m.g I may be dying” ordeal and a swift visit to the therapist for some emotional c.p.r. I decided I was going to tackle the things I’ve put off for so long.  I wanted to do everything artistic.

I stand on my mountain top, set to use every one of my God-given gifts… to let my light shine before men… to not hide my light under a bushel… get the picture?  I’m naturally good at artistic things and my vocal skills as a shower singer is superb but I was not formally trained and this could be an up hill battle but I’m already on a mountain so it’s futile to talk me out of it.   I decided I would dive in and dedicate the time to learning what I don’t know. What I don’t know is how to play an instrument and make music using musical notes. I can just hear the musicians’ laughter right now. Yes I can already tell it’s hard but I would beat myself up if I didn’t at least try.  Doing this challenge feeds my soul.  It makes me feel less robotic in the face of this economy. Now my soul chooses to thrive and take a chance at life.

I downloaded a music maker and started on to beats. it’s amazing how I caught on quickly and have become addicted to it.  If anything it is therapeutic because I can express myself.


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