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Second Glance

The photograph of Robert Mapplethorpe’s work  of a female bodybuilder (to the left) was controversal in the 80’s upsetting society at the time because a woman was photographed with masculine lined posing. I sat in my art class wondering where have I seen this type of picture before.  Than I thought of Lil kim’s red vail picture and it brought new meaning to what I saw in this picture (to the right).

Lilkim’s picture applied instead a contrapposto pose, which was the next phase in Grecians posing (Hellenistic Grecian look). At first look my first assumption, was that she was just taking a stand against women having to wear a burqa in a time of women’s rights and the war that was going on in Iraq. But in light of this new-found information “It’s deeper than that” everything seems deeper.  The intelligence of the mind is attracted to these things but understands it not.  But with more information  and knowledge dimensions are added to the story of each picture. Yes, sexuality is what catches your attention, but the strength and the rebelliousness in this art, says being a woman doesn’t make you weak and embracing your sexually is not shameful. Instead it seems to flaunt it in your face like the B word.

It may make some people angry because morality, standards, modesty and quiet sexually is also empowering. But those who take that stand may misunderstand or even rightfully see this as provocative and a bit invasive and pervasive. But in all fairness there is a group of people who feel their power over their sexuality have been taken away and put in a box,  Some may feel this is where they can explore and find who they are where it comes to sexuality. Such a thing maybe liberating to those who’s been oppressed some may go all the way left or right. Others may find a middle ground at the end of their journey. But there’s something to be said about those who just dare.


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