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Currently, I am thinking about writing and watching a movie called Limitless. I decided I’d write about it. My options are limited on good movies because I’m in transition but still loyal to my original video streaming site. But this certain video streaming site seems to have a vendetta against me.  When I start liking a series they put it in the category where you can only get the dvd by mail. It isn’t worth it to me to wait by mail, being snail mail takes longer than driving to the local red colored box to get my movie the same day.  I also learned I can watch the full version on youtube and another video streaming site through my video game.

I’ll watch the movie and give my opinion as soon as it finishes.

I thought I could give  my opinion an hour and a half later but I couldn’t. There was a lot to chew on.  I went to sleep feeling pleasantly mind f***ed and happy I went bingo at the end of it. Limitless was directed by Neil Burger and the description of the movie read as this. “With his writing career dragging and his girlfriend casting him off, Eddie Morra’s life turns around when he takes a drug that provides astonishing mental focus — but its deadly side effects threaten his future.” starring Abbie Cornish (reminded me of Sharon Stone when she starred in Candy Man), Bradley Cooper (looking forward to see what other movies he plays in) and the heavy hitter Robert De Niro.  I’ll be honest the selling point was Robert De Niro.  The description was interesting. The main character was mysterious and sparked my curiosity, but Robert De Niro never fail me. Every movie I saw him in never played with my intelligence, everything added up. Please, don’t misunderstand I like mindless , but sometimes. I like mind stimulation. I gave it five stars as a rating since it was the highest I could go.

I woke this morning wishing there was a drug like this.

What about ADD, ADHD medications you say?

It is not the same.  A relative of mines is on this medication but would rather not be on it at all.  It causes him to feel dull and bored. he often is not only focused on his schoolwork  but on his emotions to an extreme.  Causing him to feel like he is not able to have fun till it wears off.

Limitless starts off with Eddie being an unorganized, unfocused and unsuccessful writer who was tired of his life as it was.  A friend slips him a drug that changes his life around. His inner go getter, primal instinct and unafraid to succeed kicks in. The movie takes us on a roller coaster ride of fears that we have. Fears of what such a drug would do to a human being and it’s side effects. When the side effects started I associated it to a  street drug or someone with multiple personalities( Dissociative Identity Disorder). I wondered if these street drugs gave such a satisfaction of limitless heights that people were willing to risk everything.

I wanted the main character to succeed, I felt someone should. I related to him prior to the pills and I wanted him to win. When he showed he had no moral fiber in him, I wanted him to win. Even when my subconscious said you scoundrel, I wanted him to win.  When he laid on the floor and drank this dead man’s blood. I said “ilk, what the f***!” but I couldn’t look away. I wanted him to win or this mind f*** would be over. At the end of the day I went bingo! I was pleased. I’m going back for more.  A great movie makes me want to see it more than once.


2 thoughts on “Limitless

  1. I wanted to thank you for this very good read!! I certainly loved every little bit of it. I’ve got you book-marked to check out new stuff you post…

    Posted by Kyong Sanson | November 9, 2012, 2:23 pm

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