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Comedies and Taboos

Something to make us smile

I was feeling cynical after a few standup comedy shows and felt I needed, Something warm and fuzzy to make me smile. I hated humans and anything there in. I was all Christmas and thanks giving is coming bahumbug.

I felt this was all abnormal behavior because as a child I wanted Scrooge to get it at the end of the movie.  I wanted those ghost to stick it to him.  I learned in real life Scrooge would’ve played nice and gotten the ghosts to release him and would’ve become a bigger badder meaner Scrooge (see cynical) who would’ve voted for Mitt Romney.

In this rant that went on far several minutes more in my head I decide to look for videos that were: warm, fuzzy, wuzzy, giggles. Than I went on to watch cute innocent and fun light comedy. After all that I took  a couple of kids trick or treating, after watching the cat chase butterflies in the backyard.


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