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Sexy Style for Every Indivisual Woman

Today I was reading a newspaper which criticized these outfits. And as a natural rebel I was drawn to the outfits, setting off this I to have it attitude. I couldn’t see myself with some of the outfits without some changes and a little bit of imagination. I am showing a variation from four different types of animals to fit the everyone or the every woman personality.  Shout out to Whitney Houston.

First, this outfit, I’ve got to say I love everything about it.  Shear and nude seems to be trending right now. I think it’s a creative piece mostly because it’s nude shear like material. So loving it.

This Altuzarra outfit is gorgeous I have no complaints. It is a classy piece. I love a piece that dares you to look and figure wh y it is so sexy. when it doesn’t have the sexpot features.

.                                 This Alexander McQueen outfit is definitely something I’d like to wear. But it is also definitely situational. If I were in a vampire or romantic surreal movie I would definitely wear it sans sous-vêtements (without panties). I can see this outfit also in a fabulously fantastic rocker’s wedding or gothic fantasy music video complimented with a golden glittery bodysuit suite underneath. For an mtv or BET award, if you would dare (channelling rhihannah she doesn’t have to do much to add the edge her body would be perfect for it) Laced knee-high boots. Or maybe bubble gum rebellion with flamboyant accessories and florescent undergarment. Do you dare where Ugz with that outfit? C’est fantastique.

In walks Chris Air, now I can hear the some women who would wear the first two dresses hissing, but darlings, where talking about every women. Now just keep in mind a few suggestion where this could be worn. Picture a nice yacht party with models wearing non-swimmable swim wear. This woman would be the woman who loves to be hated, watched and obsessed over. She would be the  siren, or better yet she’d be like the lady who loves to surprise her intellectual husband because she always in office gear. This outfit screams Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood red-carpet. The scenerio: A pregnant actress returns slimmed down or a 40 something wearing it better than the 20 something.

These outfits although some ranging in degree of state of revealing. Where elegantly made and well thought out. Furthermore, my imagination can see Beyonce body types wearing the voluptuous versions and making jaws drop and people doing a double take.


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