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Obama Re-elected

Obama wins by over 290 to about 203 Romney.  Obama is now re-elected president of United States of America. I was holding my breath because at first it appeared Romney was winning.  Four years ago I was in a different home and sat on my balcony listening to the collective cheering like as if their was a big football game going on.  In my new neighborhood it has been quite silent.  But twitter was on fire.   I could since everyone holding there breathe like me.  A few pictures were posted to update the public on the votes as they progress.  Even children were involved in the process.  A local school had children vote on who they would want to be president and Obama has won also overwhelmingly.  The results shows he was a favorite among the children in my area.

Many celebrities such as  @CMilianOfficial @iamdiddy @cass @lilkim. also encourage people to come out and vote.  The picture to the left was taken from Lil kim facebook page. @wakaflaka also has shown support. Paul McCartney openly said he supported Obama.  Also news of a seemingly rigged vote machine has been posted online and on twitter.

When I had a hard time keeping up with the election I went on yahoo news and 5 minutes later breaking news hit Obama has won.  Than I turned to BBC to see a foreign news station to see how they react and they have been very somber not sad but not as excited as the first election.  I since some had been trying to hide their feeling, as if they don’t want to gloat or show their disappointment.  One reporter live in Beijeng speculated that a lot of foreign countries are more “comfortable with President Obama” also “it takes 18 months to get foreign government to get used to a new president.”


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