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Oh wow, good golly Mrs. Molly!   Molly is everywhere!  I have heard her name in many songs lately.   A lot of young upper classmen high school and college students are talking about it.  I set to find out who the fork fuzz bucket is Molly?  If you click the word Molly  the personality types I ran into who uses the drug seems fits the urban definition #4 and #6?

I was in a mission to find who she was by doing some research.  I asking those hippest to these facts (city teens, mostly suburban teens, young adults and adults).  Who happens to be the most artistic (unartistic by college definition) people I have ever met.  There whole being and thinking lives in the fourth dimension and obviously they plan to visit other dimensions.

They tend to be college kids or upper classmen high schoolers hesitant to deal with the hardship and responsibilities of this life.  They seem to be deep thinkers, highly intelligent, poetic thinkers, and philosophers.  Yet they seem to be naive. They also have seemingly some religious background and were surrounded by beliefs and theory but does not know at the moment what to believe.   As if everything they knew may have been in questrion.  They’re struggling in faith, faith in the government, faith in their loved ones, faith in the future, and faith in themselves.

They say they don’t give a fuck but they do and the drug reminds them not to.  They seemed to have  innocent almost baby like qualities; as if they were the youngest child, dreamers who experienced hardships early on and disenfranchised by societal life.  They are highly sensitive and extremely observant to body language.  Somewhat like the hippies but there isn’t a cause, yet. They seem to be asking for someone to “get them”, “understand them”.  Some artist like Rihanna and The Weekend sing about Molly.  Madonna have been allegedly promoting MDMA also known as Molly which is similar to her album cover MDNA.   These artist “get them” and are seemingly openly saying they share the love of these drugs.  They can be vain but very unaware that it comes off very insecure.  There grades are usually great.  They can memorize and regurgitated the information back to you… but the thinking part, the problem solving part keeps them worried.  It’s like there was a reservoir of un tapped problem solving potential and all that information flooding in causes them to think, think, think.

Oh Molly she is also cool.  She reminds me of Molly Ringwall from Pretty in Pink the girl to watch in the 80’s she was the nerd which is so fawking new school.  Molly set her own style and trends. Her crowd was eclectic.  Two men fought over her and the popular shunned her and she didn’t give a damn because the big picture was watching.  Oh Molly the mystery.  I searched to find Molly.  And  discovered she is more like a vampire.  She hypnotised and sucks the life out of those who fell for her.  She is more like an entity.  More in the realm of certain alcohols who are called spirits.  Molly gradually gained the love from others like her older sister Mary Jane. Yes me, Molly and Mary are on the first name bases. 

Molly is said to be short for molecular.  She can be inhaled popped, as a pill or smoked and also drank.  Molly is the pure form of MDMA (ecstasy).  Others take the generic form claiming they don’t get the headaches, dry mouth and other side effects that comes with it.  The generic form has been said to come in a pill form sold in gas stations and corner stores.  Also  has been sold as the infamous bath salts and k2 the synthetic weed.  An eight year old tells me suddenly while passing by my laptop as I type this information that she knows what Molly is.  She than continues to say her teacher informed her in school how Molly can be ingested.

“Molly can be poured into drinks and you have to be careful what you drink because it turns into colors.”

Someone I know experimented with the generic version of the drug to see what the fuss was about.  She has never tried it before.  She didn’t like it very much.   She raved about it when she was on it but afterward she said she wouldn’t do it again.   Calling me every couple of hours giggling and talking about random things.  She said it made her feel happy and less prone to arguments.  According to her everything was beautiful and colors had sound and meaning like in someone who is synesthetic. But  she complained the next day that she could not sleep even when she was tired.  The effects lasted for 24 hours which she reported as annoying.

“I wanted to feel normal I’m was tired of being in that place”.  She states.

She also said she was angrier than usual when the effects wore off.  She also stated she didn’t want to do anything except weed because she wanted to qualify for plastic surgery in the future when she gets “old”.   I find the honesty refreshing because I’d like to have an option to nip/ tuck if I wanted to.   However, that was a crazy reason she wanted to say no to drugs.   The fear of dyeing, permanently losing my mind  and being a slave to the drug is my number one, two and three reason why I’m afraid to do drugs.

Another person tried the k2 despite of reported side effects.  She reported feeling high but not like weed and having hallucinations of “demons coming out of the woods”,  another said after having  a weed cipher  with her friends.  k2 was mixed in her weed and she said it was amazing.  Now I must give a side note that by the appearance of her teeth at such an early age she must have tried all types of drugs that ate out the enamels of her teeth.  I assumes her high are too high like an illegal back way to peek in heaven’s windows.  Everybody wants to get to heaven but nobody wants to die… to self that is.

Well Molly you are an interesting lady.   I somewhat detest you because like any other drug I know the future isn’t any good for whoever puts there trust in you.  You have too many lovers and it will be just a dead-end relationship.  Like a fan to a star it can go but so far.


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