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WordPress Xandyshopp!: Oh Lawd not my Chris Brown

Ok so I was ease dropping on a psychic network chat speaking on celebrities and I over heard her say pray for Chris brown and chuckled oh my pray for Chris Brown.  I said oh lawd not as if we can’t see that disaster coming from a mile away.

Does anyone remember this Chris Brown 😦  He was such an innocent looking young starling.  Chris reminded me of a fire cracker are a little bunny rabbit.  He hopped around everywhere with his little high pitch voice.  SInging about his girly crush.  I just wanted to sqweeeeeez his widdle cheeks.  Chris was adorable and he was everywhere.

Rihanna and Chris Brown was everywhere.  Cute, young, innocent looking and full of rebellion.  We saw them everywhere on the tabloids just being cute.  Chris and Rihanna were as cute two baby porcupine in a grown mans hand.  Around the same time Rihanna did Disturbia and Chris was doing a doublement gum commercial all hell broke loose.


Rihanna and Chris went from this—->

Fawk the WOOORLD

<—-To this

To this which caused an uproar and divided the fans into


somewhere saying it was her fault others were saying you should

never hit a woman.


<—And now there back together and all is right with the world right?




Err, nope all is not right with the world because we’re going to have to go pray for Monsier Chris Brown.

I said to Jesus, “Christo de Jesus, why do we have to pray for Senior Chris Brown?”

And I had a vision and it wasn’t pretty.   It can get worse.  Chris can go from this to this——————————>

<———– to this.




Oh, no, not my Chris Brown his fans holler!!!!!  Or perhaps he may gain some Nicki fans. 🙂 Good golly Mrs. Molly can you imagine.  Chris going through changes oyve (Jewish translation is oy) I might have to hold on to my seat belt. He might go pimp style with it or oh my goodness even dare I say it drag.


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