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xandyshop wordpress: Diabolical Elmo

So Mitt Romney wanted to get rid of Sesame Street and Kevin Clash alleged sexual discrepancies is not helping at all.  Not a good look at all Elmo.  We trusted you with our youngins. There is sooo many jokes and puns that can come of this.

I read one comment where someone said, “What do you expect form a man who fists puppets.

I nearly spit this famous coffee shop’s drink out of my mouth.  The white chocolate mocha tasted too damn good so I held it and ended up choking on it instead causing me to laugh with tears.

I am going to watch all of Elmo’s videos and see where all the clues lead. Has Elmo been sending secret messages like Scooby Doo?  I gathered by doing a little bit of research into Elmo’s World videos.  I learned Elmo’s World Videos have taken a spike in views on youtube.

So far what I suspect in my detective mind is Elmo lives in his own GOT DAMN world.  According to Elmo’s song Elmo’s World it’s his world, obviously he does whatever the hell he wants.  He has a friend who appears behind a yellow blind name Mr. Noodle.  Mr. noodle doesn’t seem to be rapped too tight he need to be continually redirected. He also has a drawer that mumbles.  You can tell folks by the friend they keep… *side eyeing Elmo right now.   wonder if he was chatting with his victims with his computer named “Computer”.

I also took note that this little diabolical Elmo is always laughing maniacally even when it’s not that funny.  I wondered if Sesame street was speaking to us subliminally when the fish never spoke back to Elmo. 

Oh that sneaky diabolical Elmo luring us in with his catchy tunes, bright red fur and upbeat personality.  The funniest Elmo video is this one with Katy Perry making it hard to look down on . Yes he wants to play dress up!  Oh what power will do to a puppet when it’s also co-executive producer of Sesame Street. 

All jokes aside how was this grown man able to go out and continually chat with these underage boys?  Where are there parents?  Where were they able to have sex with each other since they were underage?  Was there something wrong with Clash that he didn’t think that at his position it may get him in trouble? Did he realize what would happen when he was breaking the law?  This chat that they met in should also be responsible for allowing this.


3 thoughts on “xandyshop wordpress: Diabolical Elmo

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    Posted by FVaQ6EFshp1 | November 24, 2012, 10:15 am

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