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Comedies and Taboos

It’s All about Tiffany but not About Tiffany

I would be sooo mad at myself if I didn’t write about this crazy bitch (in a good way) Tiffany Pollard.  In case you don’t know she’s the star also known as “I love NY” from the spin off “reality” show  “Flavor of Love,” “I Love New York,” and “New York Goes To Work.” It’s about tiffany but not about Tiffany.

Before I continue I must say something about myself.  I have predicted a lot of IT people before they became big time.  Am I psychic I don’t use that term.  I don’t know what it is but I would say watch that one she/he will be big. Sometimes it takes a few years sometimes it happens in an instant.  Some I do hate after predicting and liking because they were so full of themselves. *cough Nicki Minaj.  To name a few Jennifer Lopez when she was in the Mc Hammer video/commercial.  Alanis Morisette when she was rapping in the early 90’s I didn’t like her image because it seemed to be a put on to follow the trend but I saw the it.  The original group that Minni Vanilli I felt had the it factor but the powers that was were ignorant in what the image of Stars should be so Minni Vanilli became the IT image to sell the IT song.  Lil Wayne before he was liltunichi when he was seriously strung out.  It was as it there was a silent chant calling for him to get out of his mess for the streets.  The streets are still calling for Lilkim.  I’ll stop there before it becomes another blog. And it will.

I’ll admit I did think she was a tranny because of her movements they where extra but some people are just a little more expressionistic and flamboyant. So Tiffany Pollards crazy ass is back and she has no problem speaking her mind. I really like her acentric arse.  I see more things for this girl.  But she has to know when to turn it down a notch.  A great example Mariah Carey can be as flamboyant in movements as Wendy Williams but when she was in “Precious” you didn’t see one ounce of that.  I suggest a hypnotherapist.  Heed it if you want to hunty.

Kelly says keep me out of this gurl.

After that I see things picking up like the way Kelly Rowland suddenly seemed to have gotten some extra fire on her butt lately.  Like that bitch is wide open.  She’s saying I’m star.  Not I’m a star now but I just feeling shiny right now, what the heck.   Tiffany should take parts as an underhanded villain if she does daytime soaps.  I’ll start watching again and to have her against a Dorian character if you don’t know who that was check out “one life to live.”

Oh in my favorite fantasy land daydreams Tiffany`, Nicki Minaj, and err maybe NeNe Leakes but we all know NeNe’s tall ass would just use her weight against them.  It’s not about weight so don’t look at me side ways if I was in a fight and I was her size and height I was use my weight against them it would be an easy win. Tiffany would use her speed and cunning behavior.  Nicki Minaj would use her rap lyrics, yelling threatening high pitched voice and I could see that chick Nicki Spiderman hopping on NeNe and swinging wilding and saying “look what you did to my face look what you did to my face, you’re fired”.  So I’ll throw in K-Michelle.  So gut busting laughing right now.  Oh can they just be locked up in a room together with cameras or let me be a fly on that wall.  I took the liberty of giving the other girls personalities too so it would only be fair. Than the girls would just go back into poising positions with body wave. Werk.


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