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The It factors

I wrote the following sentences on a previous blog…  I have predicted a lot of IT people before they became big time.  I don’t know what it is but I would say “watch that one she/he will be big.” Sometimes it takes a few years sometimes it happens in an instant.  Some I do dislike after predicting because they are now so full of themselves. *cough Nicki Minaj.

To name a few that I predicted was, Mariah Carey when she came out once and disappeared did hair and came back; Jennifer Lopez when she was in the Mc Hammer video/commercial;  Alanis Morisette when she was rapping in the late 80’s early 90’s I didn’t like her image because it seemed to be a put on to follow the trend at the time but I saw the IT in her. Than she came back as a hippy grunge. I predicted Puffy also known as PDiddy, when he was on the Box music, also Pink, and Queen Latifah when she wasn’t even rapping in East Orange, NJ.   She was just breaking a fight when I saw her IT factor.

She said, “ya’ll ladies need to stop, come on ya’ll ladies, but if someone hit’s me I’ll have to beat all ya’ll asses”,

I said that girl will be famous.

Ashante, Rhemy ma,  Tiffany Pollard, The original group that Minni Vanilli I felt had the it factor but the powers that was were ignorant in what the image of Stars should be so Minni Vanilli became the IT image to sell the IT song.  Lil Wayne before he was liltunichi when he was seriously strung out.   Back than he looked more like a raccoon and whatever drug he was on was eating his hairline  It was as if there was a silent chant calling for him to get out of his mess for the streets.  I didn’t put a picture of that era because it was obviously a very bad time for him. The streets are still calling for Lilkim. That was just to name a few.

There are a few that I see on youtube that think they have the IT.  Elle King who reminds me of Cindy Lauper, Holidae definitely got the IT. Nerdy Star (another video)  has bars, face a plus but her clothes does not compliment her shape. It says keep me in the background.  She has presence. Tori doe is good at battling but needs unique sound, looks like another Lauren Hill on certain angles.  And personally I think babsbunny is ready to blow, but she need a new stylist. She looks good in all black.

In the fun of making predictions, I predict no major changes with the names I listed except for a shocking wedding for Queen Latifah.  Nicki Miinaj will be served humble pie a la a Kardashian.  There will be rumbling and mumbling about Rhemy Ma in prison and something about a release and a black and white documentary video.  Mariah Carey associated with a rose and brief encounter with powdery substance perhaps indirectly..  Wait for it… Lil Wayne finds religion. Let’s see if they come true

What makes the IT factor in your book?


One thought on “The It factors

  1. Thank you for the encouragement, what are you interested in hearing about. Since you read this about prediction I predict when you read this you will be wearing a very light blue shorts with strings coming out the bottoms (just for kicks) 🙂

    Posted by xandy36 | December 2, 2012, 2:11 pm

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