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A Good Day in NYC: Nobody Reported Shot, Stabbed or Slashed Monday, Say Police


This is one that has to be approached with skepticism — after all, this is New York City.

Despite the omnipresent sound of sirens, the ambulances racing down busy streets, and crimes being committed throughout Gotham’s five boroughs, there were no reported shootings,  stabbings or slashings all day Monday, police officials told the New York Daily News — an unheard-of statistic in a city of more than 8 million people. The rare “triple zero” was a welcome departure from two decades ago, when the city logged more than 2,200 murders over the course of 1990, according to CompStat figures.

Right now, the Big Apple is on track to finish the year with about 400 murders, the lowest since 1960, the News said. Although crime is up 9% overall, likely driven by a surge in robberies, homicide is down 23%. The paper says credit for the drop in shooting deaths was given…

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