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Xandyshop.WordPress: Katt Williams Retire From Stand Up

imagesCAZLMR3DIf you just fell off the planet and don’t know who Katt Williams is he is the comedian all over the news.  Kat Williams  says he’s retiring after what seems to be a mental break.  Video here  Katt Williams seemed to have had a series of unfortunate events in Seattle, Washington.  By the looks of things Katt Williams is his own Public Relations person and not doing a good at it.  If he would like to do like some other artist he would’ve simply played the race card and come up with an occult follower to curse Seattle out on twitter.pizap_com10_096393404528498651354649477918

The series of unfortunate even starts out with Whitney Houston, Charlie Sheen,James Brown Katt Williams spazzing (click for urban definition )on stage and getting arrested in Oakland.  Than he continues to geek after the fact and slaps a target employee.  Than rumor has it Katt was tweaking as he rides off on a tricycle and get’s chased by police.  But if you look back on his shows here, here and here it is part of his act.  Than get kicked out of a Seattle, Washington  hotel and tearfully announces his retirement to stand up comedy.

Many theories have come up including this one ILLUMINATTI!!!! —–> check—–> it out.—-> http://justifytheory.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-crazies-pt-iii-katt-williams.html imagesCA2QP7W0

imagesCAURE07SAnother theory is he graduated from weed (the gateway drug) to cocaine.   The Sammy Davis look a like may have some personal issues going on and may need a Xanex.  Another  rumor is that he’s been getting a bad flack for the fake twitter page Katt Williams (with one t) have been telling bad jokes on twitter and insulting famous people.

I do suggest that Katt Williams step back and joke about  it like martin Lawrence did when he spazzed on his weed.  Katt can also joke about it like Richard Pryor when he was tweaking.  Or he can just ride the wave-like Jack Black does when he’s constantly geeking.


Finally,I hope Katt returns to rare form and don’t let the stress get to him.  I hope he returns in a movie as a maniacal or gangster character though.  Katt Williams obviously has a dark side that needs to be explored.


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