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xandyshop: Forest Fire

imagesCA2G6PVYIt’s well and fun till your life turns out like a forest fired.

Have you ever watched the downfall of someone’s life or a turn for the worst?  One wordimagesCA3DDQ6D you say may started a small fire but than like a forest fire it spread out of control? It does not help if the persons involve in this situation is like the Santa Ana winds and gasoline? Did things it would get so bad you feel there would be no recovering from the situation?

Have you ever had a feeling that whatever your doing has potential to be really tragic or mentally/emotionally exhausting?  Have you ever been in a relationship that you knew was toxic, you told yourself from the very beginning this is really bad or this is a dead end relationship?

imagesCA9LSEHS imagesCA63T6B2I’ve watched countless people, including me, get into relationships like this. They say love will conquer all or things will get better.  You know the type relationships that falls into the category of the right and just thing to do.  The ones that can imagesCA8Y7IJYcause human forest fires or the terrible domino affect.

Here are qualities of forest fire relationships. He/she starts off highly emotional, possessive, and rebellious.  You called it being exciting, real, innocent and imagesCA74JJREsensitive.  You find there are secrets about him/her through out the relationship, like he/she’s on some serious drugs.  You smoke weed so you say who are you to judge. Or you say I can rescue or help him/her.  He/she is volatile and/or disrespectful to his parents and to everyone else.  You say he better not do that to me. imagesCA0YTJQ3imagesCA3AUV0OI say give it 6 months if he/she’s normal, one year if he/she’s a psychopath.

You probably saw signs in a month but chose to ignore it because he she loves you right? In these situation you find the innocent get hurt, this person leaves a destruction everywhere they go.

They seem to be running away from there problem or solving them in the most juvenile of ways. Throwing a temper when they don’t get there way.  Don’t fret If your with them that says something about you. Time for some self reflect and self evaluation.

imagesCA2HNQK9 You may not have been corrupted and have high hopes and see the good in imagesCAK6CQ2Beveryone.  Have a hero’s mentality or plain naïve.  Perhaps you are in  L(OVE)ust and want what you want, is impatient or feel there is no hope at all.  Maybe this is all a game and you just like to win.

Take a good hard look at yourself and your motives. Here is a warning for theses forest fire relationships that burns with passion. Prepare for the paths of destruction and disruptions it leaves behind.

You will never be the same.  It will change you for the better or for the worse.  You may spring knew life out of it or never recover and carry a hard deserted look.  Some might find humor in it like Nero (and music).  You’ve been forewarned my dearies.imagesCALE8582                                   Recommendation: click on picture above for trailer/ movieimagesCA9LSEHSimagesCARMSOF5


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