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Comedies and Taboos

4th Demension Ratchetness

Email sent to me: “as soon as I get my credits, I’m transferring and I’m out this f**** lazy a** town I’ve NEVER  been this lazy feeling. shiiiiiiiit in ** I would’ve had a job, went to school and babysitting . In this fuck town you have to choose one and one requires another this bitch came to me talking about I’ll be doing daycare giving me a card I was like suuuuuuure b***h was talking about an abc, vouture I felt like saying fuck your card and the abc, vouture you know this fuck town don’t give it. All that money from the government is going in there fucking pockets to save there homes and shit and these scared of the government southern folks don’t know the government works for them. I gess that’s the difference republican states you work for the government in democratic states the government works for you. smhhhhhh”


This made my mind wonder is she ratchet for this?  She doesn’t want to be lazy but she fits the Republican definition of laziness.  “Ew, I think I need a wet wipe.” Charity has gone down compassion has gone down. Image is everything.  If anyone tells the truth about what things really look like in a collapsing economy, they are ridiculed and disappear.

Than I read this:

“Many scholars point to sub-optimal behavior, a lack of understanding of the natural environment, shortsightedness, or lack of institutions, to explain the collapse of historical civilizations. After examining the collapse of four historical societies, we consider a model of endogenous population growth and renewable resources, and employ components of modern optimal social resource management/growth theory to address their situation. Our analysis evaluates a family of social welfare functions and appropriate policy instruments from the perspective of moral philosophy. Solving for both the equilibrium and transient behavior of the implied optimal control problem, we find that the steady state behavior of the system is not sensitive to the choice of social welfare functions, but the transient behavior changes drastically. Equally important, we find that under plausible parameters, complete information, full understanding of the operating forces, infinite foresight, and efficient social institutions, the population boom-bust of these societies may have been inevitable, even socially optimal.” From this paper.

imagesCA3AUV0OratchetI feel we are wearing a mask and being redirected by unappealing ratchet behavior.  We all want to be expressive since it is part of our being.  Some doesn’t mind being in the background other’s doesn’t mind being in the forefront.   But there is an issue at hand and all of our own selfishness is masking the deeper issue.

We also live in a circle of life in this world.  And it is spun in kindness, charity and loving one another.  Sometimes I am afraid to mention Jesus so noone would relate my ratchetness to Him.  I do understand I was made in God’s likeness not the other way around.  But I also know not everyone knows that.  I also know there are people who would perceive my bad behaviors to be associate with true Christianity because I believe in Christ. No my bad behavior is not okay and the stuff I do may be me in the midst of working out a personal relationship. Don’t do what I do, please. they’re some things being worked out.  I know wrong is wrong. If I’m not loving my neighbor I know it’s wrong I may justify it sometimes but I know.

Just because they do not look like me doesn’t mean they don’t have a soul.  And just because there ignorant and I don’t look like them and they don’t look at me like I don’t have a soul it still does not mean they don’t have a soul either.  Selfishness is Selfishness.  Any who, I know some may get offended but I don’t care. I truly think the love Christ shows is the true thing that makes the world go imagesCAFGGZ7Tround.  And no I don’t mean perceive Christ behavior that I saw when I moved in this small town southern town.  No offence a lot of you have good hearts but not outside your comfort zone and definitely not if we don’t use the right words like the name Jesus.  Does it take manipulation and brown-nosing from the poor to help the poor or would you prefer to help the rich because you will be expecting in return.

I learn art lives in the fourth dimension. I believe America’s problem is fourth dimensional.  It’s deeper than scapegoating and who is in power. It is a weight on each of our shoulder, a movement needed to be done for progress, a time for action with love and wisdom and people put in places through prayer and a cry to God. I digress and steps off my soap box.


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