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2013 New Artists on the Rise

Always promoting good shit. New Artist are on the Rise.



Among the new artists are Keith ‘More Fire’ (unsigned artist) has a new mix tape  on datpiffis definitely fire. My personal favorite is “STD’s” and “Been Away” I can listen to this mix tape from beginning to end it’s smooth over and over like a good whine.  I can relate to the lyrical contents and am excited for 2013.533787_3710279276134_1595451292_n






A few new artist are on the rise.  I’m excited about hip hop right now. After three years of rap torture. not including MMG, Lil Wayne although he fell off, and Wiz.  I like some but I don’t love the shit like the way ODB drove me crazy and Common made me dress my man like him.



712729154There’s this new Lil kim artist from her IRS label @1tifannyfoxx (whom Miley (Molly to country folk) Cyrus gave a shout out to on twitter) came out with mixtape #yellowtape and a video on wshh with over 100k views in 2 days. with a commercial #jellybean with promise of more videos which includes and features Lilkim #jayz Keith came with the smooth drink, Tiffanyfoxx from the Lou. comes with the Reddbull when you want to continue to party all night.





Atlanta is buzzing with new artist, New York is coming with bars. Wackaflocka has a few new artist that is on the come up one a pretty little female with lyrical kindness that sneaks up on you like a gay throwing shade.  Another with the look of a conscious rapper but the lyrics of a strip club big booty fan. And a video coming soon. (exclusive).

Meekmill also has a new artists. Who recently won a rap battle with 20k as a prize with T.I as judge among others. That battle seemed to have catapulted his career in the streets but can he go mainstream is the buzzing question.


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