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2013 New Artists on the Rise

Always promoting good shit. New Artist are on the Rise. Among the new artists are Keith ‘More Fire’ (unsigned artist) has a new mix tape  on datpiffis definitely fire. My personal favorite is “STD’s” and “Been Away” I can listen to this mix tape from beginning to end it’s smooth over and over like a good … Continue reading

4th Demension Ratchetness

Email sent to me: “as soon as I get my credits, I’m transferring and I’m out this f**** lazy a** town I’ve NEVER  been this lazy feeling. shiiiiiiiit in ** I would’ve had a job, went to school and babysitting . In this fuck town you have to choose one and one requires another this bitch came to me … Continue reading

First Tattoo Experience

On a whim my boyfriend dared me to get a tattoo like I dared him. He thought I couldn’t take the pain.  So I picked the supposedly most painful area in my body. I chose the foot around the bone. We first called around for the nearest tattoo artist.  It wasn’t hard to find a good … Continue reading

xandyshop: Forest Fire

It’s well and fun till your life turns out like a forest fired. Have you ever watched the downfall of someone’s life or a turn for the worst?  One word you say may started a small fire but than like a forest fire it spread out of control? It does not help if the persons involve in this situation is like … Continue reading

Xandyshop: Addictions

I do not know if it’s just me or does this happen to anyone else? When I watch “Addiction” and “My Strange Addiction” or any of those type of shows I get really antsy and nervous and suddenly I feel the need to smoke a cigarette.  I feel like suddenly there is a negative habit I … Continue reading

Xandyshop.WordPress: Katt Williams Retire From Stand Up

If you just fell off the planet and don’t know who Katt Williams is he is the comedian all over the news.  Kat Williams  says he’s retiring after what seems to be a mental break.  Video here  Katt Williams seemed to have had a series of unfortunate events in Seattle, Washington.  By the looks of things … Continue reading

ON TREND: Snakeskin

Originally posted on SOMEWEAR:
STAR-PRINT WATERSNAKE WAIST BELT by MIU MIU / EVERLY SNAKESKIN PUMPS by J. CREW / LEATHER MARIANNE SNAKESKIN BAG by WHISTLES Images: Elle, Fashion Gone Rogue, La Modella Mafia, Streetpeeper, style.com, Stockholm Street Style

A Good Day in NYC: Nobody Reported Shot, Stabbed or Slashed Monday, Say Police

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
This is one that has to be approached with skepticism — after all, this is New York City. Despite the omnipresent sound of sirens, the ambulances racing down busy streets, and crimes being committed throughout Gotham’s five boroughs, there were no reported shootings,  stabbings or slashings all day Monday, police officials…

Will.I.Am y Britney Spears – Scream and Shout

Originally posted on heyhec:
Britney Spears? I thought you were Ke$ha here. Lady is really doing the most.  I’m feeling and edgy Tayler Swift, Fergie, Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez eye vibe going here. heyhec View original post

No Waste Of Physical Energy…

RHF INDIA 5 Minutes of “Magic Exercise” makes you Healthy Wealthy and Wise Being a responsible and awarded citizen, me Rajesh Jhanwar feel proud to inform you that I have invented an exercise, so crisp and easy in nature, all due to my hard work, patience and determination. It has proved its mettle to thousand … Continue reading

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