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2013 New Artists on the Rise

Always promoting good shit. New Artist are on the Rise. Among the new artists are Keith ‘More Fire’ (unsigned artist) has a new mix tape  on datpiffis definitely fire. My personal favorite is “STD’s” and “Been Away” I can listen to this mix tape from beginning to end it’s smooth over and over like a good … Continue reading

Xandyshop.WordPress: Katt Williams Retire From Stand Up

If you just fell off the planet and don’t know who Katt Williams is he is the comedian all over the news.  Kat Williams  says he’s retiring after what seems to be a mental break.  Video here  Katt Williams seemed to have had a series of unfortunate events in Seattle, Washington.  By the looks of things … Continue reading

Will.I.Am y Britney Spears – Scream and Shout

Originally posted on heyhec:
Britney Spears? I thought you were Ke$ha here. Lady is really doing the most.  I’m feeling and edgy Tayler Swift, Fergie, Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez eye vibe going here. heyhec View original post

The It factors

I wrote the following sentences on a previous blog…  I have predicted a lot of IT people before they became big time.  I don’t know what it is but I would say “watch that one she/he will be big.” Sometimes it takes a few years sometimes it happens in an instant.  Some I do dislike after … Continue reading

2 Chainz Crack Song Trap Music

Word on the streets is kids about 11 and up are listening to 2 Chainz Crack song which is based on a true story according to him.  I will not ridicule  or criticize his lyrics or anything but I’m amazed at the age group that are listening to it.  But he’s not the only one … Continue reading

[NEWS] 2NE1 Arrived at Taiwan, Concert at Taipei Arena Tonight

SOmething My sister will love she sends me there songs all the time

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Children have come over and after all that playing they want to watch a good movie.  Since they’ve seen all the movies that came out already, I had to go through a list of timeless collection of movies that never fails.  I have to impress two tech savvy, smart, quick-witted, sharp with the times, latest dance and slang knowing children who … Continue reading

WordPress Xandyshopp!: Oh Lawd not my Chris Brown

Ok so I was ease dropping on a psychic network chat speaking on celebrities and I over heard her say pray for Chris brown and chuckled oh my pray for Chris Brown.  I said oh lawd not as if we can’t see that disaster coming from a mile away. Does anyone remember this Chris Brown 😦  He … Continue reading

The Twilight Saga: So rumor has it

So rumor has it Breaking Dawn is the last installment of the “Twilight” Saga. Say it aint so. I was getting accustomed to waiting for the next story line like Harry Potter…  I was hoping Stephenie Meyer would have had twilight books in the works while the movies were being released.  I was hoping Leelee Sobieski would be … Continue reading


click to link to movie trailor Currently, I am thinking about writing and watching a movie called Limitless. I decided I’d write about it. My options are limited on good movies because I’m in transition but still loyal to my original video streaming site. But this certain video streaming site seems to have a vendetta against me.  … Continue reading

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