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xandyshop: Forest Fire

It’s well and fun till your life turns out like a forest fired. Have you ever watched the downfall of someone’s life or a turn for the worst?  One word you say may started a small fire but than like a forest fire it spread out of control? It does not help if the persons involve in this situation is like … Continue reading

xandyshopp!: Love Broken, Brilliant and Disfunctional

Does it matter why people fall in love? I spoke to a female who had the opportunity to fall in love with two men in her life.  She fell in love with the one she married and the one who would she says helped in the process of healing because that marriage left her broken.  The two men had very similar personalities.  She … Continue reading

2 Chainz Crack Song Trap Music

Word on the streets is kids about 11 and up are listening to 2 Chainz Crack song which is based on a true story according to him.  I will not ridicule  or criticize his lyrics or anything but I’m amazed at the age group that are listening to it.  But he’s not the only one … Continue reading

An open letter to S.P.A.D.E.S

Dear S.P.A.D.E.S, This is nice enough to keep me interested and wanting to hear more songs and how you’ve evolved as an artist.  My soul recognizes something in S.P.A.D.ES that you guys aren’t saying in your music.  I was going to write a blog about your music, but I wanted to comment first and give some Words of … Continue reading

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